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Our goal is (1) to develop our scientific determination of the predictability sources of the global and East Asian monsoon variability and (2) to improve our capability in prediction of monsoon climate changes on intraseasonal to multi-decadal time scales by using the state-of-the-art techniques and developing innovative methodology for extreme climate prediction.

Qualified scientists will team up to leverage current advances and to bring forth new ideas and resources in order to make a breakthrough in the concept, theory, and dynamic prediction of monsoon climate changes.

We will provide metrics for projection of MISO, northward propagating intraseasonal oscillation (NPISO), and extremes as well as understanding for causes to climate variability and global warming. The results from our study are expected to provide a critical physical basis for assessing the impacts of monsoon climate change on water resources, renewable energy, and environment, which delivers important practical applications and adaptation strategies for resource management and natural disaster mitigation.